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Adam & Jessica Krupicka

The Krupicka Family

(Left to Right) Lindsey (Adam's sister), Jessica, Adam, Neil & Cindy (Adam's parents), and Erica (Adam's sister).

In the Fall of 2012, Adam and I had the rare opportunity to purchase ten acres of farm land in the Ames, Iowa area. We actually met at Iowa State University and had a lot of great memories here. After college, we both went our separate ways to pursue careers and it was our plan to come back to the Midwest if we could. We love the pace of life here, the honesty, work hard ethic, the fresh produce we could grow, the four seasons- and yes, snow.

For the last couple of years, I had a community garden at the Black's Heritage Farm and was able to grow all sorts of fresh vegetables and flowers while also being a sales representative for a large nursery grower. Adam joined me this year after relocating from Washington D.C. Before that, I grew up on a century family farm in Northwest Iowa where we had big gardens and endless canning projects!

We've spent a lot of time weeding, watering, and cooking with our fresh produce.

We want to share that with all of you!

Be sure to check out the recipes pages, farm updates, and the blog.

Adam & Jessica

Elizabeth & Ed

Elizabeth and Ed are friendly faces around the farm. I've been gardening with Elizabeth for years at the community gardens. She's always up for trying new varieties- this year her claim to fame was growing a mean ghost pepper (that was still on the mild side for Ed) and climbing spinach.

Each year, we try to check out the Seed Saver's Exchange Annual Tomato Tasting in September and get ideas and seeds for the upcoming year.

Ed and Adam are the engineers of the operation and can tackle anything technical. The more details the better!

Heritage Hill Farm

We are proud to offer sustainably grown, locally produced fresh vegetables for our CSA program and area markets.

Many of our varieties are heirlooms, meaning some of these varieties' seeds have been passed down several generations and have amazing flavors and characteristics. We love to cook and taste the freshness of homegrown! We know you will too...

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