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Enjoy some views of the farm, our planting progress, and our community garden last year! 

This season has been completely different than last year.  We had some nice, much needed moisture from some later snowstorms and rains. Then we've had some cooler temperatures which delayed planting. But now everything is planted and it just needs to GROW!

Sweet Peppers Hot Peppers Yellow, Purple, and Speckled Beans Cucumbers Cabbage Heirloom Lettuce  Heirloom Garlic Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes- one of our best sellers! Heirloom Tomatoes- one of our best sellers! Our scarecrow in the potato patch Our 4th of July celebrations at the Farm Baby Chicks this Summer! Sugar Peas in Spring and Fall Strawberries from a local patch. Ours were just planted this year Baby Romaine Lettuce Cabbages are now ready Rhubarb, one of our first permanent crops at Heritage Hill Farm! All Blue pototoes, definitely a surprise to cut into Our garlic is coming along nicelyJulia Child rose, fitting for a farm growing all sorts of great culinary items Jacob's Spotted Cattle Bean- dried bean Very hot pepper seeds, we're dabbling with a few very hot ones (don't worry, they won't make it to CSA baskets unless you ask for them!)Peas An "Over the Winter" project for the Etsy shop The Krupicka clan On Christmas vacation, we went horseback riding. Left to right is Lindsey (Adam's sister), Cindy (Adam's mom), and myself- thanks for the great pic Linds! Farm Fresh Flowers Purple Glazer Garlic Basil Cabbage that is on the way to be transplanted Young plants in newspaper pots Potatoes Are Growing! Every Garden Needs A Scarecrow Garlic- Planted Fall 2012 Trout Lettuce, A Heirloom Romaine Type Heirloom Potatoes- Red, White, and Blue Potatoes Yellow Pear TomatoesSeed Packets of Some of Our Interesting Heirloom Vegetables Heirloom Tomatoes Heirloom Watermelon Beginnings Of Heritage Hill- Fall 2012
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Heritage Hill Farm

We are proud to offer sustainably grown, locally produced fresh vegetables for our CSA program and area markets.

Many of our varieties are heirlooms, meaning some of these varieties' seeds have been passed down several generations and have amazing flavors and characteristics. We love to cook and taste the freshness of homegrown! We know you will too...

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