Our Products & When You Can Expect Them

Below, are the fresh vegetables that will be available from Heritage Hill Farm for our CSA members and Farmer's Markets throughout the community. We will also be posting our 'on the side' or 'a la carte' items that are additionally available for purchase in season.

We grow many unique heirloom varieties, in addition to the common ones. For instance, we have heirloom tomatoes in reds, purples, oranges, yellow, striped, and more- simply because we grow for the flavors.

We are working towards becoming certified organic.

Future plans include farm fresh eggs, orchards, berry patches and more. Because these aspects of our farm take time to establish, we will let everyone know when you can expect these additional items! 

If you have questions, or are looking for anything in particular- please contact Jessica at jessannkluv@gmail.com or Adam at adamkrupicka@gmail.com or 515.865.8708.

Product Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Pepper: Hot note    
Lettuce note    
Pepper: Bell or Sweet note    
Green Beans note    
Scallions (Green Onion)     
Potato note     
Flower Bouquets/ Flowers note     
Summer Squash note     
Sugar Snap Peas     
Sugar Snap Peas       
Tomato note     
Cabbage note     
Watermelon note     
Beet note      
Sweet Corn      
Onion note      
Winter Squash note      
Sweet Potato       
Pumpkin note       
Bush Dry Bean note        
Heritage Hill Farm

We are proud to offer sustainably grown, locally produced fresh vegetables for our CSA program and area markets.

Many of our varieties are heirlooms, meaning some of these varieties' seeds have been passed down several generations and have amazing flavors and characteristics. We love to cook and taste the freshness of homegrown! We know you will too...

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